Monday, April 4, 2011

Welcome to Isaac Keys!

90210 Talent would like to extend a warm welcome to our new talent, Isaac Keys! Isaac, it seems has been destined for greatness from the beginning. This former NFL Viking turned actor has been perfecting his craft for years. He began taking acting classes in high school and noticed his immediate comfort with the craft. "I noticed I was applying things I do in everyday life, we all do." He says of his natural approach to acting. He got his first roll in front of the camera's in "The Ultimate Merger", a reality show staring Donald Trumps protege Omarosa Stallworth. Although it didn't include any acting, it facilitated a comfort in front of the camera for Isaac. It also opened some doors in Hollywood for the actor. Due to his good looks he's also landed in Uptown and Essence magazines, becoming a quick favorite for the ladies!

Currently Isaac is the smooth voice and spokesperson for McDonalds McCafe. Look for great things from this actor!

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